Haverhill VASP


Jenna Keenan and Suzanne Stevenson are the voluntary co-chairs for the Haverhill VASP.


If you would like to join the circulation list for the Haverhill VASP please e-mail Jenna and Suzanne at; haverhillvasp@gmail.com  

Haverhill VASP Facebook page; @haverhillvasp

Planned meetings for 2022

Wednesday 5th January 2022 - online

Wednesday 2nd March – in person

Wednesday 4th May – online

Wednesday 6th July – in person

Wednesday 7th September – online

Wednesday 2nd November – in person

Meeting times, usually

11.30am - 1.30pm



When in-person, meeting at Chalkstone Community Centre, Millfields Way, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 0JB 

Voluntary co-Chairs

Jenna Keenan...  jenna.keenan@rolcc.org.uk
Suzanne Stevenson...  suzanne.stevenson@literacytrust.org.uk